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An academic, and Masters graduate at the Tshwane University of Technology, I am well inspired by African aesthetics, philosophy, Afro-futurism, and art theory. Currently operating as an independent curator and project manager, I have had the pleasure of curating numerous exhibition such as the #Amanda[Re]form Debate [Re] dress exhibition (2016)(Promoting Resistance art of South Africa and paying homage to Resistance Artists), Co Curation of  the ‘Wathinta Abafazi Wathinta Imbokodo’ Exhibition (Paying homage to the women’s liberation march) (2017), and the “African Unity: An exhibition celebrating Africa (2018) furthermore I provided mentorship to two young prospective curators for The Nation Mourns: Umthi Uphamb’inyangi” exhibition paying homage and celebrating the South African National Constitution (2017).   

I am interested in an African Renaissance of all aspects of the arts and academia leading to a re-emergence of African knowledge systems that would operate globally. My hobbies include, painting, reading and interesting conversations with strangers as she believes in the connectedness of all things alive and aim at getting a clear understanding of most of the concepts of aliveness that are present today.

I am also heavily interested in post-colonial theory, feminist theory, semiotics, decolonisation, and queer theory as well as the rights and policies afforded to cultural practitioners in an African context. Furthermore I am inspired by the intermingling of the arts and social culture, which has a heavy influence on my writing and perception of the world and hope to become a professor in the arts, contributing to the art academic world as well as influencing policy with regards to the arts sector.